An Autumn Surprise

Leonid Afremov
Leonid Afremov

The air hummed warm and heavy,

The autumn dawn glowed an amber rust.

With traces of the last greens gasping

To breathe through the fine dust.


The streets were lonely and deserted,

Blind to the clouds dancing in mirth.

But for the lone souls wandering in the heat

There was a musky scent of aroused earth.


A thunder announced the sultry surprise,

With a fresh breeze stirring the sleepy town.

The sky and lightening made a dazzling show

As a silken blanket of rains cavorted down.


The lusty revelries were still simmering,

When the showers kissed a quick farewell,

Leaving behind songs and sighs of desire

Of the drenched folks bewitched by the spell.

The prompt over at mindlovemisery’s menagerie was “Surprise”. Just last weekend, we had surprise showers in the peak of October Heat! 🙂 So what better way than poetry to express it… 


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