Gone but Around

Manuel Rodriguez Sanchez
Manuel Rodriguez Sanchez

Don’t get sad that I am gone.

Don’t miss me at the dinner table.

Don’t wait for me to leave you signs.

Don’t look for me in the dusky skies.


I am in the tears you shed at night.

I am in the cup of tea you sip alone.

I am in the walking stick you hold on to.

I am in the air. I am in the oblivion.


Don’t think twice before you laugh.

Don’t feel guilty for not recalling me.

Don’t remove colors from your life.

Don’t hesitate to find another pillar.


I am in the smiles of your dancing lips.

I am in the memories of your future.

I am in the rainbow of your favorite showers.

I am in the warmth of sun. I am in the light of stars.

My first linkup with dVerse – the Poets Pub 🙂 The prompt given by Grace is to write from the perspective of the dead man (or woman). I have drawn inspiration from seeing one of my favourite couples being each other’s strength – in life and death.

This fits perfectly with the Photo Prompt #40 hosted at mindlovemisery’s menagerie. Every time I see my grandma, these words resonate and now this picture also fits so perfectly.


56 thoughts on “Gone but Around

  1. I specially love that second stanza – as if you are telling your loved one to go out and continue with living and not grieving ~

    Don’t think twice before you laugh.

    Don’t feel guilty for not recalling me.

    Don’t remove colors from your life.

    Don’t hesitate to find another pillar.

    Nice to meet you and thanks for linking up with D’verse ~ Wishing you happy week ~


  2. welcome at dVerse… smiles
    i like this much… he’s still caring for her but wants her to live on, to smile, to be open for new paths in the knowing that he’s still around and there when she needs him…


  3. As Zorba said, “Life is trouble, only death is not; to be alive is do undo your belt & look for trouble.” Welcome to the dVerse gang of super poets; we have a strong international fellowship, & enough talent to fill Carnegie Hall for an evening of Open Mic. Your poem reminds me of how sweet it is to see an elderly couple still holding hands.


  4. smiles….really cool piece and reassuring as well…i like that they are in the walking stick…perhaps in the walks they shared once…and i like to think our loved ones still hang around, if nothing else in our sweet memories…


  5. Inspiring…beautiful..sad and yet makes me smile, recalling memories of pain

    Two dear little eyes upon the night sky
    Keep watch over me even in winter
    Two dear little eyes speak to me
    “Achan”* , I am fine,”your little one is fine.”

    Achan = father in Malayalam


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  6. Though not in such a wonderful, expressive way, those are the thoughts Dad’s spirit carried with him. I could feel it when he visited my mother’s house, or went to his grave to have long conversations.
    Thank you for letting me read, in such a wonderful way, his spirit’s thoughts and wishes.


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