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Don’t you take a leaf from your memory

And hoard it away in the safe.

Your mind sifts through the times past

Filing the precious moments to be saved for eternity.


Then you lock the safe and throw the key away,

Because you have the strength to move forward.


But then the temptation rears its ugly head,

Mocking with the tantalizing flashes of simpler times.

When all is left is to smash it open

And scatter the vestiges of the souvenirs into the wind.


You are empty-handed, without the safe or those recollections,

Left with exhaustion, incapable of creating more impressions. 

Written for Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday – save/safe.

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18 thoughts on “Unsaved

  1. Precious memories more and less
    Emotions of the past still living now
    as memories and emotions same..
    when we die a little bit in
    the present those
    are emotions
    are indeed what
    can and will also
    bRinG uS Back to LiFE NoW..
    Thing is if one can remember the emotions
    of past memories those emotions are as real
    and youthful as they ever were are for now my FriEnd..
    there was/is a day of oral traditions where all of life is memories
    and other fictional stories about emotions to be related to others
    who perhaps have not
    yet embarked
    in a potential of
    consensual realities
    of emotions and senses that
    do exist.. and sure Blogs are just
    the Modern online version of that as
    the World’s peoples stART to come toGeTHeR
    to see that as alWays it is hope and love that glues
    a unity of peace and harmony in life in joy loves company
    and fear and hate that separates a division of discord
    and discontent in death as life as misery loves
    company more than the place of
    Joy that is truly a real
    Super Normal reality
    of a Heaven
    my friEnd..
    Golden Years
    always live in joy
    and Karma loves Loving
    Company and sure there are
    other kinds of Companies and Towers too
    so much lower than a power of love that feels
    and senses life as real Heaven now.. Heals with enough
    stories of emotions as memories that spell unity of love
    will come
    to the other good
    place my friend and live..
    A Dance and Song at least
    For that ‘other thing’..isREaL2.. anYWaY..
    Have a Nice Day Prajakta NoW with sMiLes if you will..
    heHe as i reAlly don’t like telling people what they ‘must’ do..;)


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