Seven BnW Photos: Day 6 Welcome


Taken at Keithelmanbi Village, Manipur. It was amazing to see how easily people popped over at each other’s houses unannounced and always be greeted with a warm welcome. When was the last time any of us just decided to visit someone and did not call or plan ahead?

I am participating in the Seven Days. Seven Black and White Photos of Your Life. No People. No Explanation. Challenge Someone New Each Day.

I nominate Moushmi for this challenge.


16 thoughts on “Seven BnW Photos: Day 6 Welcome

  1. I agree. That kind of spontaneity can be lovely. Farmguy and I have a small cottage in the mountains of Southwest Virginia, and the community there is much like the one you described. Neighbors pop by to say hello or leave tomatoes from their garden on our porch swing. It’s really very charming. We love the generosity of spirit that’s so easily expressed here.

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      • I guess environment really does impact interaction. In the mountains, people are spread out and rely on each other more; whereas, in cities, personal space is at a premium. And, people are much more independent. All in all, I think interaction with others is part of a healthier, and maybe, happier life. πŸ™‚


  2. Thank you for nominating me Prajakta,
    And yes I’ll be honest when I say that going to people uninvited or without a call? I have just forgotten that. The last time I did that to give my friend, a surprise to tell her that I was back from my college, she sent me home, making an excuse that she was a little busy. From that time on, I do not visit anyone without a call, but if someone comes to my place, I just don’t have that kind of audacity to ask someone to leave. Somehow I adjust my schedule, or at least try to.


  3. I just loved the click Prajakta! The best of the series I wanted to say but the last one was yet to arrive. I felt welcomed upon seeing that open gate. And yeah, uninformed visits are rare these days and it’s sad.


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