One Liner Wednesday – Sunshine

“It is never a bad idea to carry a jar brimming with the golden sunshine in your pocket”

Winter mornings need just the right hit of warmth! Written for Linda’s One Liner Wednesday.


The Girl Next Door


He missed her.

He missed her off-key singing,

He missed the hymns of her wind-chimes

Dancing at the open windows.

He missed listening to her dreams of Georgetown.

He missed the peals of laughter and

The mischief glinting in her eyes.

He missed the thick amber rush of her hair,

Cascading into the fresh winds.

Curling and framing her impish grins,

Magically reflecting her moods in the softening moonlight.

Just as he had finally mustered the courage

To ask her out on a date,

The windows locked shut and

The lights turned off for weeks.

A Monday morning came with groans and

… Distant off-key singing.

He ran to the balcony in ecstasy to be greeted

By a rainbow of cavorting bandanas at her window.

He saw her face marred with the burns of

Chemo and radiation – spelling one dreaded word.

Yet her eyes glimmered with smug satisfaction,

As she showed off her henna crown.

She looked like hope and optimism,

Her glory of the amber hair replaced by the

Strength flowing from the curl of her smiles

And the shine of her eyes.

More confident than he had ever been,

He managed to ask, dinner and movie tonight?

We are splitting hairs at dVerse tonight, with Anthony setting us to write about hair – literally or metaphorically. Hop in!

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Fresh Start Calling

Image: Totomai Martinez
Fantasy by Totomai Martinez

Bright eyes beamed back in the mirror,

A pink smile bloomed in anticipation,

Betraying only the faintest of quivers

Of the lurking shadows in the reflection.


The past demons raised their fiery heads,

A franctic war ensued to douse the flames,

The smoking memories prickled the eyes

As a reminder of the ugliness to be tamed.


Anguished tremors took over reality,

A feeling that threatened to smother,

But the shivers will stop; you aren’t alone

With your one hand clasping the other.


A spark at the end of the long tunnel

Will light the way for a second innings,

The embers still flicker with past fires

But now, only to ignite new beginnings.

At dVerse, Mary has introduced the lovely ‘phoetry’ of Totomai Martinez where we are using his photography as an inspiration for our poems. The curve of her smile and the intense look of her eyes has guided my words

Is it REALLY 2015?

Intangible Power
Intangible Power

We cannot really measure time. We cannot feel it. Yet, we celebrate the passage of time in full splendour. At the moment, one out of five article is telling me how I should revamp my new year – be it for food, travel, books, movies, career, life etc. Rummaging deep within my heart, I too wrote about making peace and climb my way out of the hell hole last year shoved me into.

Because, let’s face it. 2014 was really bad for too many people. I could almost hear those sighs of relief in the wind and see the optimistic wings sewn for the new year.

But so far in 2015, I had to pay the same bills and put on the same clothes to make my way across the same path to catch the same bus to go the same place of work. The sun and the stars, the crappy traffic, the smelly guy in the bus and the taste of my lasagna stand the same. How’s 2015 any different?

In a mindless rant, I came up with a ridiculous theory as to why I cannot expect anything new or better just because the year changed – as labelling time is just a human invention. So, what if the thought that humanity needs a time keeping device had struck those wise people a few months earlier or later than it actually did. Maybe then, this bracket of days we call January would have been the coming July. To explain it better –

Let’s assume the human decided to start the calendar on January xx1. What if this decision had come a few months earlier? So the original June xx0 would have then been new January xx1 – all because this thought bloomed a little early. And that means present day January is already June 2015 – so we would be six months into the New Year and it would still be as crappy.

Sorry if it does not make sense. My heartfelt gratitude (and apologies) if someone did manage to follow my thought process, however ludicrous.

But during a quiet moment as my frustration subsided, I realized something. It was not about the turn of calendar. It was about the change in our perspective driven by the turn which is making THE big difference to bring in the calls of optimism and hope. Yes, it is all happening only our heads and is intangible beyond words. But I had to raise my glass to its tremendous power. Because at this moment, I am holding on to that very baseless optimism that is keeping me afloat.

This weird rant has been brought to you by Just Jot It January! This is my thirteenth jot but the first one I am posting.

*waves hello*

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