Mirror #writephoto

Are those cracks in the mirror or is that just me?

Is there even a difference anymore between what’s real and what’s just a leak in my imagination?

Do I even care?

How two-faced have I become?

A complete stranger.

The lights don’t do much good either,

Unearthly rays pass right through me,

Creating a sifted halo around me that does not belong.

My existence feels inconsequential.

Yet, a victim of narcissism’s muse.

I get sucked into my own reflection

Drowning in the pool to become one.

Linking up with Thursday Photo Prompt at Sue’s.

26 thoughts on “Mirror #writephoto

  1. No me…
    One with the River and
    Forest Before i Speak At 4…
    One With the Beach i Sing 13…
    One With me i Dance With the
    At 16…
    All this and more
    School And Work Will
    Take Away one With
    A Dance i am
    A Dance
    Pushing 60
    Alive i Am Again
    i Sing i am Forest
    River Beach i Am All…
    SMiLes Prajakta Thanks
    For Sharing Your inspiring Poem..:)

    Liked by 1 person

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