Diphylla@Deviant Art
Diphylla @ Deviant Art

I was safe.

Untouched by the world

Lost in my reverie.

It was my ‘sanctuary’

I sang

And danced when no one was watching.

Rejoiced being alone

And fantasized of my non-existent prince.

Never thought

Never felt

Never craved for that special someone.

Falling in love was for others,

Fools who gave in to trust and vulnerability

Or the temptation of touch.

A shove and a shout couldn’t reach me,

But his touch and whisper did

Gave me the strength to break the glass

And fly with my new-found wings

Wings of love.

His words made me think and feel

To see how beautiful reality can be

Even more magical than dreams.

To never look back into my broken crystal cage

But hope for a steady home with him.

I may have lost a prince or two,

But I did find the man

Who helped me take the chance

And risk the escape from those shackles,

To be in his arms.

To love at all is to be vulnerable – C. S. Lewis

Written for the Photo Prompt “Contained” at mindlovemisery’s menagerie.


14 thoughts on “Contained

  1. Marvellous Praj. You are improving and excelling by leaps and bounds. But is there any hidden message for us???? Shall certainly show this to your Mom immediately on her return. What say??


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