Image: pixshark.com
Image: pixshark.com

If you are reading this… it means I am dead.

Know that I was not an old man,

Simply a rapidly ageing one. 

Out of control, I bumped into a disease

I wasn’t yet ready to meet and greet.

Yet became my constant companion.

A part of my life as true as the love

I hold for all of you, my dear ones.


Time then caught up with me quickly.

Still you tried not to notice,

The deep creases on my forehead

The new tremors of my hands

The sickly spots on my face

The last strands of my crown

The slowed pace of my stroll


There was so much to do and see.

Give my daughters to their husbands,

Play with my future grandchildren,

Hold my wife taking in our empty nest,

Prepare for a future just for us again.

Maybe buy a caravan to go places

Other than the hospital two miles away.


Know that I was just an aged body,

A young spirit not ready to leave.

But I saw my son coming to get me –

The one I held only for few moments

Before lowering him six feet under.

He gave me the strength to let go,

And wisdom to keep looking after you..

I witnessed a young man succumbing to health problems at the hospital. He lives on through his wife and two young daughters. Maybe I am trying to capture his thoughts… Abhra has us writing letters at dVerse. Head over to read a few more.

65 thoughts on “Hospice

  1. I work in a skilled nursing/rehab center where death is very much a part of our lives. We have seen many whose health long ago failed, followed by memory, who have outlived all whom they once loved and passed alone. We have seen younger men and women in their 40’s, 50’s 60’s who have succumbed to illness and disease, long before their time should’ve come. Your letter above touched my heart, I can understand and relate to it.


  2. This is very sad, but captured so very well. Life is short, often too short. You gave voice to someone who left before his time….a voice we can all appreciate and relate to, I think.

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  3. In the grand scheme of things, manifest or influenced by our own entity/soul between lives, as we join karma groups, or serve out promises made in past lives, it is beyond us while incarnate to understand, to fathom the why of things. A terrific & thoughtful & emotionally creative take the prompt.


    • Thank you so much for your comment Glenn. In front of my eyes, in a matter of seconds – an entire family was broken – without knowing the why, as you rightly said!


  4. Prajakta,you know what..you could really feel the emotions,pain and read the mind of the patient. Trust me.. to write such content is not easy. One has to absorb the pain to write something like this. (y) (y)

    Emotionally Creative.

    I can see
    I can see
    I can feel
    I can feel
    Wish your health heal(s)
    God has struck a deal:((



    • Upen! This feedback was so heartfelt and encouraging. Thank you! Somehow I was numb when I saw this unfolding… I don’t know why. Not thinking about it helped, but no way can I ever forget the scene and the emotions they were going through.

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  5. Well having a child of 51 days.. and holding him without life support until he takes his last breath..

    certainly brings tears to me.. to hear of the story of an aged man

    who remembers the child

    who did not
    too.. in eyes of death
    in hope
    of life…:)


  6. Prajakta, I can sense you witnessing this young man with his failing health had a huge impact on you emotionally. It really shows the frailty of life.

    You shared this very powerfully. A reminder not to take my life for granted, and to embrace my family and remind them of my love for them. I am so fortunate.

    Thank you so much for sharing!



    • And so is your family Carl to have you around. Thank you so much for your words… I think unconsciously, this incident did keep playing on my mind – it has been a year now. Maybe this was my way of closure.

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